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A list of antiquarian books, specially chosen for you by La cave aux livres, now for sale at Biblio

Annovazzi, Monsignor Vincenzo - Arcivescovo d'Iconio
Storia di Civitavecchia dalla sua origine fino all'anno 1848
pp.XXVIII, 488, CXXII; hardcover, half binding (leather); first edition (Roma, Ferretti 1853); rare; very good conditions, exept for very slightly worn on the spine; a history of Civitavecchia from its origins to 1848, this volume includes the city's first Statutes, following the transcription effected in 1451.
Bookseller inventory # 202FF
$ 1,700.00
Archivio di Stato di Torino
I rami incisi dell'Archivio di Corte: sovrani, battaglie, architetture, topografia
Catalogue of an exhibition held at Palazzo Madama, Turin (November 1981 - January 1982), the book was published by the Turin section of the Italian State Archives in 1981, pp. XXIV + 434; many plates and illustrations (b/w); first edition, very good condition.
Bookseller inventory # 023
$ 62.00
Bascapé, Giacomo C
Sigillografia. Il sigillo nella diplomatica, nel diritto, nella storia, nell'arte - Vol.I
This excellent monography, being the first part of Bascape's two-volume "Sigillografia" [Sphragistics], was published by Giuffrè in Milan in 1969; pp. 466, many prints and reproductions (b/w) of seals - both private and public ones; very good copy, though dust jacket is somewhat chipped at the borders; owner's signature on title page, as well as (on the back of it) a small owner's ex-libris in green ink.
Bookseller inventory # 024
$ 270.00
Boller, W. (ed.)
Xilografie giapponesi policrome [ Japanese colored woodprints ]
A collection of 14 large Japanese colored woodprints on silk (Ukiyo-e by Harunobu, Koryusai, Kiyonaga, Utamaro, Hiroshige, etc.) in a printed silk covered box. 35x45 cm. Very good conditions, Italy 1956. With an introduction by W. Boller.
Bookseller inventory # 200FF
$ 420.00
Bovio, Giovanni
Corso di scienza del dritto dettato nell'Università di Napoli
Originally printed in Naples by Luigi Jovene (1877, pp. 376), this book obtained a new cover, probably in the early 20th century, by Niola Francesco, a bookbinder of Naples, and now the spine carries merely the author's name, in ink; the volume, written in Italian, is in good conditions, but for some black (and blue!) pencil signs here and there, and some minor stains at the beginning and at the end of the volume, not affecting however the text itself.
Bookseller inventory # 025
$ 100.00
Bovio, Giovanni
Sommario della storia del dritto in Italia dall'origine di Roma ai nostri tempi
Originally printed in Naples by Ernesto Anfossi in 1883, this first edition (pp. 504 + 4), signed by the author, received a new cover, made by Niola Francesco, a bookbinder of Naples, most likely at the beginning of the 20th century, merely showing the author's name, hand written (!) on the spine, in ink; the volume, in Italian, is in very good conditions, but for some pencil signs here and there, and a very few ink signs made by its owner, the Calabrian philosopher Francesco Montalto (1863-1946).
Bookseller inventory # 026
$ 300.00
Cocchia, Enrico
Introduzione storica allo studio della Letteratura Latina

1915. Hardcover, pp. 381 + 12; very good condition - yellowish but excellent paper; thick, solid cover.
Bookseller inventory # 012
$ 32.00
Codignola, Luca (et al.)
Indiani. Storia, vita e tradizioni dei nativi del Canada [Indians. History, life and traditions of Canada's native people - (First Nations)]
EditorialeDomus, Borgaro Torinese 2000. Paperback, pp.96. Many old b/w illustrations, and some lovely color plates (from: George Hunt Collection at American Museum of Natural History; Royal British Columbia Museum). As new.
Bookseller inventory # 030
$ 10.00
Della Porta, Orlando
L'ordinamento degli Stati Uniti [Political system of the USA]
Paolo Cremonese Editore, Roma 1928 (VI), paperback, in-16, pp. 175 (Collezione Omnia, n. 2). Very good conditions, but for the lower part and the upper right margin of the cover's spine, which are missing (2.5 cm); a small moist stripe on the upper margin of the back cover merely affects upper right corner of page 175 for a few millimeters. This volume briefly describes the main political and social institutions of the US - with a few notes on its legal system, the banks, labour organizations and regulations, its school system, as well as a brief general description of the single States.
Bookseller inventory # 031
$ 42.00
Enciclopedia Italiana (Istituto della)
Enciclopedia Italiana di scienze lettere ed arti
The first edition of the great Enciclopedia Italiana, in 35 volumes, plus Appendice I (1937) and Appendice II (1949) - Additional Volumes #1 and 2 (1 + 2 voll.) - and an Index volume (1949). The cardboard cover is good, but the spine of the volumes is mostly in poor condition, either worn out, or loose; most volumes' spines have been "fixed" with tape, and proper conservation measures should be taken. For else, text and plates are mostly in good or even excellent condition.
Bookseller inventory # 028
$ 2,500.00
Giorni, Carlo
La vita dei Romani, descritta dagli antichi (Letture latine di prosa e poesia, raccolte ed annotate per le scuole classiche)
Giorni, Carlo - Life in Ancient Rome - mapThis volume - pp.XXIV + 480, 160 b/w illustrations, 8 b/w tables (some folded) and 2 identical maps in color, the first of which is damaged - with commented prose and poetry readings from the classical Roman Age, was originally printed in paperback by Sansoni, Florence (1906). It was later on bound in hardcover, half-cloth, by "Francesco Niola, Rilegatoria di Libri" (small seal) in Naples, at the beginning of the 20th century. The volume is in very good conditions, though spine and cover are a little bit worn.
Bookseller inventory # 020
$ 27.00
He Kaine Diatheke - Novum Testamentum Graece (New Testament, Greek)
New Testament, Greek - title pageIn-16mo, pp.648, 1745 edition of the New Testament in Greek, published in Padua "Ex Typographia Seminarii - Apud Joannem Manfrè"; plate next to title page; good copy, though binding (half leather) is slightly loose, and cover a little worn; owner's inscription (dated 1754) in black ink on title page.
Bookseller inventory # 017
$ 600.00
Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche - Bergamo
Emporium. Rivista mensile illustrata d'arte e coltura
The first number of Emporium, an Italian monthly publication devoted to the arts and culture, was published in 1895 by the Istituto Italiano d'Arti Grafiche, in Bergamo. Its first model was the English journal The Studio, but it also draw inspiration from the German reviews Pan, Simplicissimus, and Jugend.
This series, offered by La cave aux livres (see the in-depth description), ranges from January 1931 to December 1931 (# 433 - 444). Richly illustrated, very good conditions.
Bookseller inventory # 207/31FF
$ 330.00
Leclerc, Andre
Flemish Drawings. XV-XVI Centuries
Leclerc, Andre - Flamish drawings, coverHyperion (New York), 1949. Hardcover, pp.100, 80 drawings (two-tone facsimiles) from XV and XVI Flemish masters; maps on endpapers. Green cloth with dustjacket, very good condition (dj only slightly worn).
Bookseller inventory # 016
$ 25.00
March, Robert M.
Physics for poets
McGraw Hill, 1992 (Third Edition); ISBN 0-07-040245-0. Paperback, pp. 280, as new. "It is a unique book. It is the only one I have found that stresses the structure and beauty and guiding principles of physics, rather than... problem solving" (David Atkatz - Saratoga Springs, NY).
Bookseller inventory # 029
$ 60.00
Molinelli, Pietro (ed.)
Libro di letture italiane per gli alunni delle classi d'umanità e di liceo
Milano, Stabilimento Giuseppe Civelli 1861, first edition, pp.VIII + 760; spine in green leather with. author & title engraved in gold; good conditions. The interesting editorial choices of this textbook for Italian literature reflect the new political situation, shortly after Italy's unification as a new state in the nineteenth century.
Bookseller inventory # 018
$ 45.00
Persico, Federico
Principii di Diritto Amministrativo
Napoli, 1872-1874. Volume includes Part 1 and Part 2 of Persico's famous book on Administrative Law (pp. 13 + 338; pp.7 + 328); good condition - leather bound and solid-built volume, cover slightly worn; small ex-libris in green ink.
Bookseller inventory # 011
$ 170.00
Plauto, M. Accio - Cocchia, Enrico (ed.)
I Captivi - Il Trinummus - Miles Gloriosus di M. Accio Plauto, commentati da Enrico Cocchia
Three separate volumes (Loescher, Florence / Rome 1886 and 1893) have been collected in a single, half-cloth bound book (early 20th century); Latin text, with introd., commentary footnotes and indexes by Enrico Cocchia; very good condition; yellowish paper with but a very few signs on margins, drawn by owner.
Bookseller inventory # 019
$ 55.00
Plinius, Caius Secundus
Caii Plinii Secundi Historiae Mundi (Historiae Naturalis Libri XXXVII)
Pliny's World History - or History of Nature - in the 1560 edition by the "Heredes Iacobii Juntae" (heirs of Jacob Junta) in Lyon. Four volumes in-16mo, vellum cover, slightly loose; second volume's (Lib. IX-XVIII) lower part of title page is missing; for else, a very good and readable copy.
Bookseller inventory # 205FF
$ 3,100.00
Ricciotti, Giuseppe
La Bibbia e le scoperte moderne
Ricciotti, Giuseppe - Qumran fragmentPublished by Sansoni, Florence 1957 (Le Piccole Storie Illustrate, # 8), pp.138, 24 plates + 62 figures (all b/w), 12x17 cm., text in Italian; first edition; very good condition.
Bookseller inventory # 021
$ 25.00
Rovetta, Gerolamo
Le lagrime del prossimo (I Barbaro')
Milano 1900, 651 pp.; this book was published as a paperback, but later ('20?) a new hard cover was added (now slightly loose inside), with a half-leather back and a golden Author/Title inscription.
Bookseller inventory # 014
$ 28.00
Russoli, Franco
La raccolta Berenson. Presentazione di Nicky Mariano
Milano, Officine Grafiche Ricordi 1962 - UNESCO Italy and UNESCO USA editorial project; 102 plates, about 400 pp., in-4to, hardcover (heavy: over 4 kg!), very good conditions. Illustration consultancy by Enio Sindona. Exquisite color plates; cloth binding, dustwrapper, in a slipcase (slightly soiled from handling). A rare, very nice book about Bernard Berenson's (American art historian, 1865 - 1959) art collections.
Bookseller inventory # 203FF
$ 260.00
Salvini, Roberto (with Camesasca, E. and Ragghianti, C.L.)
La Cappella Sistina in Vaticano. Michelangelo.
Milano, Rizzoli 1965. Hardcover, 2 voll. in-Folio (296 + LIV pp. with case); 269 figures (colour) and 54 tables, some folded, of the Sistine Chapel. Perfect copy.
Bookseller inventory # 206FF
$ 550.00
Schoenberg, Gustav
Manuale di economia politica compilato sotto la direzione del dottor Gustavo Schoenberg - Prima traduzione italiana acconsentita dall'editore tedesco corredata da copiose note per la parte italiana dall'avv. Lodovico Eusebio
First Italian edition, 1892; this volume (1152 pages, good conditions) is the fifth of a five-volumes series and deals with following subjects: "Scienza dell'amministrazione, statistica, organizzazione, polizia (sicurezza pubblica, polizia sanitaria, polizia dei costumi), assistenza pubblica, pubblica istruzione".
Bookseller inventory # 013
Soffici, Ardengo
BÏF§ZF+18 Simultaneità e chimismi lirici
First edition (limited to 300 numbered copies), Firenze, "La Voce" 1915; in-folio, pp. 67, original cardboard cover with the author's woodprint in colours - red, blue, green, lilac and black - giving birth to a phantastic futurist text/collage ("This image is a title page for a words-in-freedom collection. The cover is a typographic collage suggesting overlapping title pages of important Futurist journals", is Getty's comment) with a light dust jacket. A perfect copy.
This volume, being one of the most important texts of the Italian Futurism, is now extremely rare, and almost never to be found on the book market, as an undefined number of copies were lost in Florence's flood in winter 1966.
Bookseller inventory # 204FF
 $ 45,000.00
Soffici, Ardengo
La ritirata del Friuli. Note di un Ufficiale della Seconda Armata
Vallecchi, Firenze 1920. Second edition, very rare. Slightly worn copy (1/5 inferior part of spine is missing; brownish, somewhat loose pages).
Bookseller inventory # 201FF
$ 120.00
Testore, Celestino (S.J.)
Il primato spirituale di Pietro difeso dal sangue dei Martiri Inglesi
Testore, Celestino - England between Henry 8th and Charles 2mdPublished in Isola del Liri by printers A. Macioce & Pisani in 1929, p.454, with many illustrations and drawings (b/w); text in Italian. This book, written by Celestino Testore, a Jesuite, may be interesting both for documenting the Vatican's approach to history, and for it's (biased!) description of England between Henry 8th and Charles 2nd. Very good conditions, but for spine (title in part erased), partially unopened.
Bookseller inventory # 022
$ 27.00

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